Myths and Facts about Urban Parking.

Myths and facts about urban parking

With more vehicles on the road than ever, finding somewhere to park is becoming a real problem. Local Authorities issue more than 4.4 million penalty charge notices a year so this gives you some idea of the size of the problem. In this blog we explore some of the myths and facts about parking so that you know what you can….and can’t get away with:

1. Parking on the pavement is fine if the road is narrow – Wrong. It’s an offence to park on any pavement unless there is a sign that indicates otherwise.

2. Parking on double yellow lines is fine if it’s only for a couple of minutes. Wrong again. There is usually no grace period for parking on double yellow lines. Sometimes, loading and unloading is acceptable but it depends on whether there is a sign that indicates this or vertical yellow stripes on the kerb.

3. Blue badge holders can park anywhere – This is not the case. In Scotland and Northern Ireland they pretty much can but in England and Wales, there is generally a limit of three hours when parked on single or double yellow line. Blue badge holders can still be prosecuted if they have been judged to have parked dangerously, cause an obstruction or park in a clearway.

4. It’s okay to leave your car parked on the road for a long period. If the council decide that your car has been ‘abandoned’ then it can remove and dispose of it. You could also be fined up to £2,500 or even jailed for three months.

5. Parking on blind bends and humpback bridges. If you leave your car parked in a dangerous position you can get three points on your licence or in extreme cases, even disqualified.

6. Parking close to another car so that it cannot move is legal. If this have been deemed by the authorities to be deliberate, and you’ve refused to move your vehicle when asked to do so, you could potentially receive a hefty fine.

7. Parking on double yellow lines is fine if they are obscured by snow or fallen leaves. This is possible. If the lines can’t be seen then there’s a chance you could successfully defend any parking notice you receive. However, if parking signs were visible, your defence is likely to fail.

8. You’re safe as long as your wheels aren’t touching the lines. This is true. If the bodywork of your vehicle overhangs a line that is acceptable. It is the position of your wheels that count.

Parking regulations can be confusing to say the least. Familiarise yourself with the above and you shouldn’t be caught out!

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