What’s involved in recovering your vehicle and arranging a replacement?

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When it comes to vehicle recovery and replacement, at One Call Accident Management we have a great deal of experience to assist with non fault motor accident claims. We offer a 24 hour accident claim assistance if you were unfortunate enough to get involved in a Road Traffic Accident. Continue reading


The dangers associated with A roads and what more can be done?

The dangers associated with A roads and what more can be done.

Are there any risks associated when driving on A roads. A recent study suggests that 50% of the fatal crashes and road accidents were taking place on rural roads. Continue reading


Some of the UK’s Most Dangerous Roads

UK's most dangerous roads

Some of the UK’s Most Dangerous Roads   Road accidents are the most common type of accident in the UK and due to busy roads, increased traffic and continually broken speeds, these roads are becoming more common for accidents that unfortunately prove fatal. The most dangerous road in the UK is currently the A285 between Chichester and Petworth, which include link roads onto the A27 and A272 and in 2012-2014 caused 23 fatal accidents. Incidents like this are often influenced through collisions caused by overtaking vehicles including head on accidents involving lorries. Vehicles are also often found to collide at junctions and vehicles running off the road. Not only does this endanger the driver and passengers, but also the surrounding road users. As a result of this, many collisio ...


Tips for dealing with crashes on country roads

car accident on a country road

The main reason for accidents on country roads are said to be the blind bends and sharp corners of the country road. If have been involved in an accident on a country road , here are some handy tips to know how to deal with the situation effectively and efficiently. Continue reading