The 10 Most Accident Prone Roads in the UK


The 10 Most Accident Prone Roads in the UK

Road and rail accidents in the United Kingdom, sadly claim the lives of around 2000 people every year. Road accidents are not necessarily from motorists – this estimate includes the deaths of cyclists, pedestrians and accidents arising from railways.

Up and down the country, blackspots and the most accident prone roads in the UK have been revealed, and it is concerning that most of these are A-roads. Interestingly, around 92% of motorways are classed as ‘low risk’, whilst concurringly, 97% of single carriage roadways are not. It is estimated that around 60% of serious or fatal accidents occur on single carriage way A-Roads.

Here are the 10 most accident prone roads in the UK.


  1. The A18 (Laceby & Ludborough)

This ten mile stretch of road has been named as the United Kingdom’s most dangerous stretch of road. According to the Road Safety Foundation, this road has the most ‘persistent risk’. It is a rural road, often tree lined, and the dangers stem from widening and narrow roads. Many of the crashes have been at junctions. The statistics highlight an increase from 10 in 2008, to 17 during the period 2011-13.

  1. The A36 (North of Totton, Hampshire).

The four miles between the A3090 and the town centre, was found to be the second most dangerous road in the UK. There has been a rise in accidents in this particular stretch of road from 12-16 in two three year periods, and sadly, many of these have been fatal, with around 38% involving cyclists and pedestrians.

  1. The A588 (Blackpool to Lancaster)

This 18 mile stretch of road has also seen an increase in serious and fatal accidents and from 22 to 36 and subsequently it has been listed as the UK’s third, most dangerous road

  1. The A44 (Llangurig to Aberystwyth)

This Mid Wales stretch of road is an accident blackspot, according to the Road Safety Foundation

  1. A532 (A530 –A534, Crewe Cheshire)

This stretch of road is the 5thth most dangerous in the UK. Accidents where motorists have run off the road are a factor, however as with many A Roads, many accidents occur at junctions.

  1. A291 (Canterbury, Kent to Herne Bay, Kent)

The A291 is notorious for accidents – particularly the stretch of road from Canterbury to Herne Bay in Kent

  1. The A6 (M6 junction 33 to Lancaster)

Britain’s 6th most dangerous road

  1. A361 (Chipping Norton, to Banbury Oxford)

This stretch of road is currently the 8th most dangerous road in Britain

  1. A40 (M40 Junction 5 – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire)

This is the UK’s 9th most dangerous road

  1. A643 (Brighouse to Morley, West Yorkshire)

Finally, coming in at number 10 is the A643 from Brighouse to Morley.


What has been made very clear is that many accidents occur because motorists run off the road, or they typically occur at junctions. The above roads have been flagged for road safety improvements for the benefit of all road users (including cyclists and pedestrians whom are sadly involved in many serious and fatal accidents every year).


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