What We Do

One Call Accident Management has just one goal: to assist you in the case of a non-fault road traffic accident when it comes to recovering your expenses, getting back on the road, and if necessary, claiming compensation for any losses.
When you retain our services after a non-fault accident, we will arrange a like-for-like replacement vehicle for your use whilst your own car is unavailable, and pass the bill for this directly to the insurance company of the fault driver, so that you never have to worry about covering the cost yourself out of pocket.
We also ensure that the bills for the repair of your own car and any other expenses incurred on your behalf are also sent directly to the other party’s insurers, taking the worry away from you.
We will handle all of the correspondence and communication with the other party of their insurance company too, advising them that you have instructed us to act on your behalf and removing the stress and concern of direct communication with them.
Services that we provide as standard:
  • If you have had a road accident that was not your fault, we will help you to make your claim for accident compensation, vehicle repair and replacement, and if necessary, personal injury.
  • Our trained, experienced support team will speak to you directly and record the details of your accident, and provide you with all of the advice and support you might need.
  • We will review the details of your accident, and assess whether or not there is an identifiable negligent party against whom a claim for your own losses can be pursued
  • If we are confident that we can help you, we will get to work right away, providing you with a replacement vehicle for the duration of your own vehicle’s repair, and arranging the repair promptly.
  • If your own vehicle is a total write-off, we will once again provide you with a replacement vehicle, which you can retain for up to seven days after the date upon which you receive your financial settlement, in order to give you time to purchase a replacement vehicle of your own.
  • If your own vehicle cannot be safely or legally driven after your accident, we will deliver your replacement vehicle directly to you, at the address of your choice.
  • If your own vehicle remains in use after the accident, we will drop your replacement car off to you when and where convenient, in order to allow for the repair of your own vehicle.
  • We will directly bill the third party driver or their insurers for all costs relating to the repair and replacement of your own vehicle.
  • We will take care of the often stressful and complicated process of liaising with everyone else involved in the accident on your behalf-including the other party, their insurance company, any witnesses, the repair company and everyone else- plus, if you require specialist legal advice, we will appoint a solicitor to you to act on your behalf.
  • The repair of your own vehicle will be undertaken by either an insurer, manufacturer or a One Call Approved Body repair shop, in order to ensure that the repair will be completed to the highest possible standard, and comes accompanied by a warranty against defective repair.
  • We will keep in contact with the repair shop throughout the duration of the repair, in order to keep you updated with their progress and ensure that your vehicle is returned to you promptly.
  • We will help you to recover any other losses that you suffer as a result of your accident, including any increase to your insurance policy excess, personal injury, or travelling expenses.
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