Warnings issued over ‘Frantic Friday’

Warnings issued over Frantic Friday

Warnings issued over ‘Frantic Friday’

Motorists are being urged to approach the roads with caution tomorrow, with so-called ‘Frantic Friday’ set to see droves of motorists share the road with last-day commuters. Around 1.25 million leisure journeys are set to occur on Friday alongside final pre-Christmas journeys from work. The RAC is advising those planning to embark on lengthy journeys to avoid the clash if they can. 11.5 million getway journeys are set to take place prior to Christmas Day, with vast amounts of congestion also set for Christmas Eve.

1.87 million leisure journeys are due to take place on Christmas Eve, with the hours between 10am and 2pm set to be incredibly busy according to RAC Traffic Watch data. 99% of the motorways and major A-roads in England will be free of roadworks in the days leading up to Christmas. Nonetheless, Rod Dennis, a spokesman for RAC said “it only takes a single accident or breakdown in some locations to bring traffic grinding to a halt”, advising drivers to plan ahead and avoid peak times if possible. He also suggested that motorists could quickly check the condition of the vehicles to avoid breaking down en route to their destination.

A substantial amount of traffic is also set to be seen on Boxing Day thanks to sales events, football matches and visits to see family and friends. It’s predicted that 5.3 million journeys will take place on December 26th. 17.5 million leisure trips are due to occur between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

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