Benefits of a car dashboard cam

Benefits of car dashboard cam

Benefits of a car dashboard cam

More and more drivers are experiencing the benefits of investing in car cameras or dashboard cams. These cameras are small and affordable devices that can capture footage that may prove invaluable at a later date, especially when an accident occurs. The footage captured by dashboard cams can provide proof that you weren’t the guilty party in a collision and can provide indispensable evidence if you’re on the receiving end of illegal or threatening behaviour. The evidence captured by them can be the difference between insurance claims being successful or failing.

Without dashcam footage, both parties often have to share responsibility for accidents. In some cases, the innocent party may be forced to take the blame entirely. Footage from dashboard cams can give a detailed understanding of the events leading up to crashes and also feature vital information about dates, times, locations and speeds. When you can prove you weren’t responsible for an accident, you can protect your vital no-claims bonus and avoid seeing an increase in your insurance premiums.

G-shock technology
Video footage can rapidly speed up the process of making a successful claim, removing doubt and providing valuable certainty. Though some drivers have chosen to install standard camera devices in their cars, it’s wise to invest in a special dashboard cam that has been designed for motoring and features G-shock technology so sudden and severe movements can be detected. When you invest in these devices, you can even acquire footage when you are not in your car. This can be of substantial value if your car is damaged whilst you are elsewhere and can mean not having to pay for your repairs or make an insurance claim as the guilty party can be forced to face justice.

Crash for Cash Scams
Dashboard footage can also protect you from Crash for Cash scams. There has been a rise in such activity over recent years, and it’s said that sophisticated organised gangs orchestrating crashes are costing the insurance industry millions each year. In fact, 1 in 7 personal injury claims are said to be linked to Crash for Cash collisions. Dashboard cams can shield your insurance premiums from Crash for Cash scams, which are designed to enable criminals to make claims against you and usually involve in gang members reversing into you or slowing down to give the impression you have rear-ended them.

Dangerous Drivers
Another good reason to acquire a dashboard cam is to alert the authorities to dangerous drivers. Your evidence can help police take action against speeders, tailgaters, under – takers and mobile phone users to make the roads safer for everyone. Many careless drivers have been prosecuted thanks to evidence captured by other drivers alone. Dashboard cams can also be of great benefit to fleet owners wishing to protect their various vehicles and can even be used for leisure purposes, such as recording memorable drives and capturing magical journeys so they can be enjoyed forever.

In the event of an accident…
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