What irritates UK motorists the most?

What irritates UK motorists the most

What irritates UK motorists the most?

A survey carried out by Kwit Fit has revealed the biggest sources of frustration for motorists in the UK. The findings are likely to resonate with scores of drivers across the country and include middle lane hogging and failure to indicate. Modern technological trends appear to have angered many a road user, with selfie-taking, social media-checking drivers and passengers scoring high amongst the list of motorists’ bugbears.

Tailgating was the leading cause of irritation for other drivers, with 57% of those surveyed branding it the most infuriating bad habit exhibited on the road. Aggressive driving was second with 55%, whilst failing to indicate came in third. Texting whilst driving annoyed 47% of those taking part in the survey. Kwik Fit asked 2,000 adults about their main motoring irritations as part of a survey designed to emphasise the importance of consideration on the road.

Modern Day Driving Irritations
The top ten Modern Day Driving Irritations also included inconsiderate parking, lack of courtesy including refusing to thank other drivers, changing lanes at the last second, littering and last-minute braking. Just below the top ten were dawdling, drivers using social media, under-taking, speeding, ignoring ‘right of way’ signs, preventing other drivers from entering lanes, overuse of horns, ignoring pedestrians at zebra crossings, taking selfies and rudeness towards cyclists.

56% of participants said they would be happy to express their anger when irritated by a fellow driver, admitting they had shouted or screamed at those they were sharing the road with. A third said they had flicked V-signs at other drivers. Almost half of men surveyed cited speeding as their worst driving habit, with 40% of women citing eating and drinking whilst driving as their most shameful form of in-car behaviour.
Roger Griggs, Kwik Fit Spokesman, said the study showed the importance of “being courteous and respectful to fellow road users” in terms of making driving “a pleasant experience” for everyone. 56% said London had the most disrespectful road users. This was followed by Birmingham (16%) and Manchester (12%).

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